So, This Is How I got Started Collecting These Loveless Knives...

Our Bob Loveless knives collection starts back in the 1980's. Since then, I have handled over 3,000 Loveless knives!

In the year 2000, we purchased the entire Loveless collection from Al Williams who had all the knives in the book "Living on the Edge". At that time we decided to be experts on only one maker - Bob Loveless. We are the only exclusive Loveless dealer in the world. He was the best designer and strongest secondary market we'd ever seen.

A.G. Russell told us, "Buy Bob Loveless knives because they have always gone up in price." Loveless was in a class by himself and there was nothing else like him in the market. So he said and we did.

We called Bob one cold winter night over 30 years ago. Those of you that knew J.W. knew that he was not one to beat around the bush and was not much for just small talk, nor was Bob. We all hit it off well and our relationship grew over time.

We helped bring Loveless into the spot light. After our first visit, Loveless, J.W. and myself were on the phone weekly for many decades. We all had lots of fun together, handled and learned the stories of over 3,000 knives.

Because we buy, sell and trade only Bob Loveless Knives, they fluctuate in our collection. The photos on this site may or may not be available. Please give us a call or email us 24-7 for availability and pricing.

Thank you!

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