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John Denton has been collecting and dealing in Vintage Loveless knives for over three decades and was named the world's foremost authority on Loveless knives by Blade Magazine in 2017. He is the only exclusive Vintage Loveless dealer in the world, and finally, he has put out the must-have book.

This is the highly anticipated book that spans the career of the legendary knife maker Bob Loveless. It highlights key life events that changed the history of the handmade knife world and collecting.

John and his father, J.W. Denton, had a unique personal relationship with Bob beginning in the early 1980s. It gave them access to hundreds of historical documents and the chance to handle thousands of his knives.

This book has fascinating fun-filled facts, stories, and photos. It is a must-have for any custom knife collection.

• Over 350 photos, facts, and memories included.

• Forwards by Steve Johnson and A.G. Russell

• Hard bound satin finish cover 9 1/2" x 8"

• 148 full-color pages

• Featuring select photography by world-renowned Japanese photographer Hiro Soga

Loveless Book $90.00 US Dollars

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John has been dealing exclusively in Vintage Bob Loveless knives since 1983 with pride that he has provided only trusted and loyal service. He knows these knives like the back of his hand. He knew Bob too. John is overflowing with stories, facts, history and has handled over 3,000 knives throughout his career.

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John and his collection is known world wide. His collection and personally written articles have been published throughout the decades from the East Coast of the United States to Japan. People come up to him at knife shows who speak little English and want their picture made with him and his collection.

See an Interview with JW Denton

In this 1 hour film, JW talks about the history of Bob's knives. Our talented and good friend David Sellers of Appalachian Video Productions and Appalachian Gallery has filmed and produced this one hour interview.
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See John's Loveless Presentation

In this 30 minute film, John brings out a selection of Bob's knives and shares details at a gathering of the Georgia Knife Makers Guild in the North Georgia Mountains. You'll also see Q&A with the knife makers. Video by David Sellers.
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