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Magazine Articles and Links

John Denton has published several articles and photographs exclusively for Knives Illustrated. His collection has also been featured in foreign magaznes as well as Blade Magazine. Click the links below to download and read.

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Articles written by John Denton
• Knives Illustrated link to subscribe
(John writes articles exclusively for Knives Illustrated)

• 2009 Knives Illustrated article by John Denton
• 2010 Knives Illustrated article by John Denton
• December, 2011 Knife News Letter

U.S.A. Magazines and Articles
• 2010 BLADE Show Industry Achievement Award Goes to J.W. Denton

Foreign Magazine Articles
• 2008 Japanese magazine (series, one)
• 2008 Japanese magazine (series, two)

• Knife Making with Bob Loveless
Living on the edge
(email to order from us- Cost is $1O0.00 plus s/h)
This book is out of print!

Other Knife Makers
S. R. Johnson
A.G. Russell
Mitch Jenkins
Kunihiko Tamatsu

Other Collectors Links
George Talbot's Photography





  The Deton Collection of Bob's knives are known world wide. Above is a selection from a Japanese Magazine. Photo courtesy of: Hiro Soga ©2010