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The Greatest Loveless-Johnson Set In The Universe


John Denton Collection*

- Only Vintage-

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John Denton


Page from a Japanise Magazine! World famous!

Finally got this back in our collection!
Sheep horn Big Bear.

Our Table at the Blade Show 2014

Pictured above: R.Dub (Bob Loveless), John Denton and Jim Merritt


The most unique thing about these knives is just the fact that in the set, it contains two very important aspects of the Loveless history. First of all is the logo, and the second part is that this set has the smallest dagger ever made in the Loveless shop, and the largest dagger made with a Loveless-Johnson logo. The small dagger is only a 4” blade, and the largest one is a massive 6 1/2” blade

Each knife also has the number 251, then after that they have A,B,C on the back part of the Choil. Take a look at where the logo is stamped. I really like the knives that have this. It’s very rare to be stamped this way.

The funny part is, after owning over 2,500 Loveless knives and about 33 Loveless-Johnson knives, this set stands out as one of the most unique finds in the past 30 years. I did not know until about a year and a half ago that this set even existed, because it was in one collection since 1974. I have no plans on selling the set. I just got them because as a huge Loveless fan, I need to have the most rare and unusual item on the planet.

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That Loveless Magic...

This is an old friend that has returned home after 22 years. The Loveless Big Bear has always been one of my favorite knives, after the original NY Special that is.

The story about this great knife goes back to 1992 when we sold it at the Blade Show to Mr. Endo for a massive $8,000. Now that was a ton of cash, because Loveless was charging about $5,000 for a Big bear. But, even then I knew we were going to miss this great knife with the sheep horn handles. I knew then that I should have kept the knife.

I have no ideal where the knife went after touching down in Japan. We sold the knife without engraving, then next time I saw it, the knife had been engraved by Dan Wilkerson, and what a masterful piece Dan produced.

The knife changed hands in America. I never got a shot at it, until spring of 2014, when the collector wanted to sell the knife. I was finally asked "John, do you want this knife", the answer was "Where do I send the money". You see, I have had it's mate the Jr. Bear in sheep horn that matches it perfectly. Another reason why we should have never sold it to start with, we already had the twin.

Now I have both back together, and it is amazing how many knives that I buy back that we sold many, many years ago.

I think this is one of the most beautiful knives I have ever seen, it has that Loveless Magic.



1 Hour film of
JW Denton's

interview about
Bob Loveless knives history.

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Produced by David Sellers of North Georgia Live and
owner of Appalachian Gallery and Video Productions.
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30 minute short film of
John Denton's

presentation of
Bob Loveless knives history.

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Produced by David Sellers of North Georgia Live and
owner of Appalachian Gallery and Video Productions.
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