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This Big Bear is the classic style we know so well; moreover, what you need to know is that this is not your average Bear. This is a Super rare Bear. This has the more traditional 8” blade. This is one of two that has full bark stag. The 3rd and 4th’s stag is smoothed off. The 4th has a much shorter blade of only 6 1/2”.

This is the last major crown stag made by Loveless to come out of the shop in Lawndale, California 47 years ago. This Lawndale logo 1970 crown stag Big Bear is 1 of 4 with the original sheath, an 8” blade and measures out at 13 1/2” overall. (Notice how this one has no thong hole.)

These 4 knives are the most sought after Big Bears ever to come out of the Loveless Shop. Only 4 crown stag Big Bears were ever made. All with Lawndale logos. I have been fortunate to have owned two. Three are in the USA and one out of the country, but the 4th one does not have the bark stag handle; it is smoothed off. I tend to think this bark stag is the most beautiful of the bunch.

The handles are lavishly lined with layers of Bob’s signature red, distinctive black and cream colors. (These colors vary in widths amongst the 4 in existence from the Lawndale period.) To have such a massive blade and earthly handle material, they’re mysteriously light, well balanced, and melt in the hand. Speaking of the handle, as any Loveless enthusiast will know, Bob rarely matched his stag. Uncommonly, the stag is perfectly matched and has the crown at the butt of the handle. The solder is pure perfection; the fit is smooth and the pins hidden.

PRICE: $120,000

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Thank you,
John Denton

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