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We got the set from Bob in 1997. The knives have the numbers 20A and 20B etched on them. Back then, Loveless was not very easy to control or tell him what to do, and he did not like to make sets or instant collectibles. The little NY Special, in the second round, was made only with micarta, and an early prototype in Ironwood. He never used stag on the NY Special until after 2006. These knives appeared in the super red-dyed stag, and the fat handles. Loveless always wanted a knife to feel so good you didn’t want to put it down, and on a small knife, stag would not
shape to his satisfaction.

This set is beautiful because it was a set that Loveless wanted to make; had we ordered a set he would not have wanted to make it. It had to be his ideal, and when he called that night 22 years ago, he was excited saying “I have something I think you boys will like, Jim and I are pretty proud of this set.” Classic Loveless, he calls, you have only one chance to buy it, if you pass it by, he will not call you ever again. So we always took whatever Loveless wanted us to have. That is the best part of the set; it was all his ideal.

When we got the knives, the beauty of the hidden pins and black improved micarta we thought it was so beautiful and the consecutive numbers sealed the deal back then.

All stainless, hidden pin, black micarta.

PRICE: $14,000 each or I can do a deal on the set of 2.

Shipping is always overnight and free!

Thank you,
John Denton

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