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If you ever wanted a rare classic, here it is. Notice the handles how they flair out to make the guard, as there are no bolsters. This was what the original NY Special was designed from. You just don’t see these slab handled knives, very few were made. I have only seen 3 like this from Riverside.

This original Hideout’s shop number is #647, it has the football Riverside Logo, and the blade is 4 1/4”, it is 1/8 longer than the newer models.

Take a look at the later model that is engraved and shown on this site, you will see how different the handle is on the original Hideout. If it was 1” shorter, it would cost $80,000, that is the size of the original NY Special. 

What a bargain. This is as inexpensive as you will find in this rare of a Loveless knife. Most have never seen one, much less had the chance to buy one. This is a beautiful knife, and you certainly won’t meet yourself at a knife show with this in your collection. You can say “I have an original Hideout.” Given the Loveless market history is an indicator, this knife has plenty of room to fly past $20,000 because few were ever made, and it is a landmark design.

This knife dates from about late 1974 to 1975 when Steve Johnson and Loveless moved from Lawndale to Riverside.

If you had to have one knife on this entire website, I would strongly advise you to buy this one. It is more rare than anything I have to offer. There are 3 known with a Lawndale logo. So, be watching for those in the next decades to come out sometime. I just had a Lawndale Hideout , but it sold quickly last years. You can see a photo of it in my book “RW Loveless Knives A collectors Dream” on page 20 at the bottom, This riverside is the mate to this Lawndale one. 

PRICE: $14,000

Shipping is always overnight and free!

Thank you,
John Denton

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