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When Loveless got his genius hands on some of this multi blend micarta, he said it looks like Camo, and thus it became a Loveless used name. The supply was minimal, so only special knives got the beautiful Camo micarta. The Hideout in the photo is brown Camo Micarta, and it also came in Black and Green. I have seen individual wide bolster drop hunters in green Camo, and Big Bears with hidden pins in Green Camo. But I would estimate that maybe 5 Big Bears were made with the material. I know there is a Battle knife with Black Camo, as I have it on my website, be sure to take a look and of course, I would recommend buying it. I don’t think there is another Battle knife in Black Camo or any Camo.

I would imagine there may be 3 Camo micarta Hideouts somewhere out there, but I have only seen 1 in 27 years. So you see that this is a pretty unique double grind knife. The blade turns out to be an excellent 4 ¼” blade, an overall of 9”.

I have always put the Camo knife up on a high pedestal, as Loveless cherished the material and used it on exceptional knives. Anytime you see this material, realize you see a Loveless knife that most have never seen or had the chance to purchase. You walk into a show in California, New York, or Italy, and you will not find another one like it. You now belong to a very select club, The “Camo” club.

The Hideout by Loveless is from 1992, and I was able to repurchase it last month. It has been a short 20 years.

You just can’t beat the color, the design, and rarity of a Camo micarta knife. It has all stainless bolts and guards.

PRICE: $13,900

Shipping is always overnight and free!

Thank you,
John Denton

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