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These two Riverside Football Logo Semi-Skinners both have entrancing stag material, two-tone pins and nickel silver bolster handles. They also come with their original sheaths.

Both Semi-Skinners surpass most you will see. These are not your everyday Semi.  Loveless said “The knife I personally like the best and think is the most beautiful, is the Semi Skinner”.  

Loveless appreciated the lines of the Semi-Skinner and how it flows. The top slight dip down, then up and over again. Subtle curves like a woman. He thought it was a very elegant design.


The top knife in this photo is shop #766A, and the blade is a small, unusual size at 3 1/2”. 


The bottom knife in the photo is shop #64 and blade is 3 3/4”. It has the best matched stag of the two.

It is the most rare of the semi skinners, notice the grind line at the top, this makes me think it was ground by Steve Johnson, because he tended to make this style. I would say this was made in 1974 when Bob and Steve first moved to Riverside.

Notice, if you can, how the stag is ground back past the first pin. It is smooth from behind the bolster to past the first pin. You scarcely see this.

PRICE: $5,600 for the top knife

PRICE: $5,800 for the bottom knife

Shipping is always overnight and free!

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John Denton

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