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This is a one of a kind set of steak knives made by R.W. Loveless 39 years ago in 1980. This is the only right handed, and left handed set ever made. Notice also that one has a serrated blade, in 35 years I have never seen another serrated blade knife of any kind from Loveless. Ever…. never….. so these are real. The knives are both Integral, all one piece of steel, the blade is 2 1/4”, with stag only on one side. Loveless said the reason for that was “you don’t want stag on both sides, because you want the knife to be flat, firm on the table, stag would make it wobble”.. I think Wobble is a medical term meaning, unsteady, most likely the latin form… it’s a big word anyway.

No sheath was ever made for the steak knives. He talks about making steak knives in the July edition of Sports Illustrated magazine back in 1980.

These are in the Al Williams book on Loveless, the Green book, called “Living on the Edge” page 90 at the very top.

Can be sold separate or as a pair.

PRICE: $10,500 each

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John Denton

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