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The City knife by RW Loveless. This is a one of a kind City Knife as it is different from all the rest, the original City knife had a full 1/2” bolster and a 2 1/4” blade. This one is even smaller with a 2” blade, amazing, and it has the super rare Camo Micarta on the Handle. This knife was engraved by Dan Wilkerson in 1992, over 27 years ago. you have to remember that Loveless only had the Camo micarta in a very limited supply back in 1991-1992, as in 6 months he was out of it. Only a few knives were made from this material, some were brown like this , some were darker black, and one was a green camo . This is the most colorful of the knives to have used the Brown Camo micarta. I have seen some Jr. Bears, Big Bears, Hideouts, and some hunters with camo. But I would say there are more Loveless knives in Ivory and Sheep horn than in Camo micarta.

This has a very nice original pouch sheath. The logo is the double nude.


PRICE: $10,500

Shipping is always overnight and free!


I don’t sell the cheapest knives at all times, just the best knives of all times. I deal only in the most Significant and classic Loveless knives ever made, and have done so for over 35 years. I have seen so many Loveless knives it still keeps me awake wondering what else is out there.

Thank you,
John Denton

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