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This is the famous Harry Archer Chute. The Chute knife was designed for CIA Special Ops Agent Harry J. Archer to use in the Vietnam War. It has two holes on the bolster to lash onto a stick and make a spear to hunt with if your helicopter went down and you needed a serious knife.

This was one of the first tactical knives that Loveless made. Long before the tactical craze today.  It has a thicker stock behind the top grind, for extra strength, and the top is sharp just enough to reach up and cut your Parachute line should you find yourself in the trees.

This is a early one, with a shop number BR-007. I like the 007 part of it, but the BR stands for the Brass Rail gun shop in Hollywood. This is where all the famous and infamous went to buy guns and knives back in the 70’s. 

This knife has a 4 1/2” blade and ivory micarta gives it a sweet creamy tone as it ages. Notice this one has the two tone pins, and the other black micarta handled knife has all stainless pins.

PRICE: $12,500

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