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I am lucky enough to get two early Chute knives with the holes in the bolsters. (just a few of the early Riverside knives had the holes, but Loveless soon left the holes off all the later made Chute knives, these with the holes are what the collector is looking for. Lawndale was the first time the Chute was produced.) The holes were to make spears for the Vietnam jungle in the early 70’s war. This is the Vietnam CIA Special Agent, Harry Archer’s Chute knife. Shop #245-RR. The RR stands for the gun shop in Gary, Indiana called “Ram Rod”, it was owned by Steve Alexander. He sold high end knives like Loveless, Horn, Cronk etc.

When you see RR on a knife, it means that Steve Johnson was working at the shop with Loveless, so the knives have a superb shine and polish. They look just a bit brighter when Steve was there, as Steve was always the fit and finish man.

This is a 4 1/2” blade with black micarta and streak of dark red going through the handle. 
Notice the 2 holes in the photo that has a close up of the Shop Number.

PRICE: $12,500

Shipping is always overnight and free!

Thank you,
John Denton

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