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The Crocodile knife is one the rarest bowie knife Loveless ever made. Only two were ever made back in 1989. This Crocodile is the first one made, and it has a one marked on the knife. The blade is a massive 10 1/2” inches the handle is over 6 inches, and it has the wide bolster, two-tone pins, and solder joints.
Loveless made this for the famous “Dr. Dixon,” the same man he named the Dixon fighter after. Loveless made this after seeing the Crocodile Dundee movie and made two knives. One for Dr. Dixon and one for us.

It is featured in the book “A collectors Dream” on pages 96 and 97. Hard to believe the knife is now 30 years old, it seems like just yesterday Bob was working in the shop, and things were hopping.

Notice the unusual Sheath double straps. This Crocodile knife was so great, and we never wanted Bob to make anymore, so for 20 years we never talked about it or had it photographed and published. Still today this is a masterpiece, all designed by Loveless. That is the reason it is so well balanced and beautiful, and everything is in proportion.

You have to remember Bob was all about feel, balance, design. He was the most talented Knife designer that has ever walked the Earth. Loveless was firm about his handles, how they fit in the had; he did not want a fat-handled knife as it felt terrible in your hand. That is the reason most of the time when he used stag, he would grind the heck out of it, losing most of the Bark, as to ob

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