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This is a knife out of the Al Williams book “Living on the Edge” , page 53 at the top. The shop #016 as the book states is in a very unusual place. Near the hilt at top of the blade is the shop number. The great thing is the fact it is in the book, but also it is a true Brass Wrap Knife from Lawndale, could be made from the crude “Special Melt” steel that loveless had made up. It never looked clean even when it left the shop. This is a early Straight Hunter, but a bit of a clip point, odd knife for sure. The blade is 4 3/4” with Lawndale Logo.
Brass guard really sets off the knife. From one of the most famous knife books ever published.
Buy a piece of history and for cheap. Notice the old steel Bob was using back in the 1960’s. It never gave a high polish, but would cut like no tomorrow.

This is without a doubt the lowest priced brass wrap knife you will find in the 21st Century. Plus it is in the Al Williams book. That will forever and a day be set in stone. Very few book knives come up for sale over the years.

PRICE: $6,900.

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Thank you,
John Denton

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