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Loveless made this rare knife for VL&A back in the 1950s. I wrote a magazine article on this and probably a newsletter years ago; however, I have never offered it for sale.  

There were only six knives made circa 1955. Three of those were taken on a hunting expedition in South America and lost in the Amazon. (Chances of finding those are very slim)  

Now, there are only three in the World. One is in the Randall knife Museum in Orlando, Florida, and I don’t think the grandkids will ever sell that one. I have the other 2.

These are marked Delaware Maid on the front, and then the store name is etched out on the back. The surprising fact is loveless was about 25 or 26 years old when he made the knives out of some crude steel, but I promise you these knives still have the sharpest edge of any blade by Loveless I have ever owned. It shocks me even today with how wicked sharp they are.

 Also, notice the tang ends in the butt of the knife, it is a half tang, to keep out the weight. That is pretty impressive that Loveless was already thinking about balance and weight. According to the Al Williams book, they have Walnut slabs for handles.

Then you have the sweet finger grooves, and I tell you when you pick up this ugly little knife, it makes you want to cut something as it is just a natural extension of your hand. That is surprising because it’s short 3 1/4” blade says, “Please use me for something, I am right where you need me, and I’ll melt in your hand. You won’t want to put me down.”

The fact Bob made them for Von Lingerie and Antoine in Chicago is an unquestionable big deal. They were rivals with Abercrombie & Fitch. VL&A sold numerous Scagel knives in the 1920s as well as the Tommy Machine guns used in the St. Valentine Day massacre. Undoubtedly a famous store for both good and bad reasons.

These knives were so crucial to find that Al Williams ran newspaper ads in Chicago, and Blade Magazine trying to find them. One day a man called and said: “I think I have what you are looking for.” Sure enough, the knives shipped to Loveless’s Shop, and Bob said: “Yes, these are mine.” You can see it in the book Williams wrote called “Living on the Edge” on page 10.

It’s a ruff crude-looking knife in the photos, not a mirror polish like in the 1970s, certainly not a Loveless Johnson finish, but in real life, the feel is something you will never forget. The Randall Museum will not let you hold theirs, but this one is for sale, and you can play with it anytime you like once you have at your house. I guess if I did not have 2 of them, this would never be for sale. I doubt I will ever sell the second one, and Randall will not be selling theirs in the next 300 years. But to be so dirty looking, the blade is so sharp it will draw blood just looking at it. It is a user-friendly knife in the highest order.  It’s like that ugly puppy you found that grew into your best friend and guard dog that you love to play with.

This rare Delaware Maid VL&A Bob Loveless knife is for sale for the first and limited time in over 24 years. To own one of the most magnificent storied knives in Loveless history is a special treat.

PRICE: $17,000

Shipping is always overnight and free!

Thank you,
John Denton

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