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For Sale

This is a Delaware Maid made back in the 1954. The logo is wearing off, but you can see Delaware Maid on the Front, and Abercrombie & Fitch
on the obverse side. The feel and balance of this knife is amazing, when you hold this knife you realize why Loveless is the maker he is. It floats
in the hand. The leather handle, and aluminum butt cap is part of the historical look on these knives. If the logo were in better shape you
would be looking at over $10,000 US dollars. But the fact that it is worn does not hurt the feel and look of this knife. A reasonable price to get
into a real Delaware Maid. It has a 4" blade, and original sheath. Loveless did not make his own sheaths in the old day, he usually sent people to
the Shoe Cobbler to get a sheath made.