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Knives For Sale

Our inventory comes and goes, so please call or email us for availably. This is not everything we have. We usually sell before it hits the website.

If you find you need more than one, we can work on the price.

Thank you,
John Denton

706.781.8479 Call 24-7



  Bob Loveless Knives - for sale -
Come back now, ya hear! We switch it up often. Our collection varies and we don't post everything we have.
If you don't see what you want, give us a call or email us.

Riverside Battle Knife


Lawndale Micarta Chute
Harry Archer


AKI Double Nude

Lawndale Giant "Slabs T"
Big Dropped Hunter


Riverside Semi-Skinners
Nice Set or Sell Seperate

Riverside Hideout
***RARE*** SOLD***

Straight Hunter

Riverside Camp Knife

*** Rare Stag ***


Signature Logo Dagger
Jeff Parke Engraved

Engraved Hideout

Riverside Nude Logo
Gold Engraved

Riverside Dropped Hunter
***Book Knife***SOLD***


Lawndale Brass Guard
Micarta Fighter

Loveless - Johnson
Stag Semi-Skinner

Riverside Engraved
Dropped Hunter
Matching Stag!*** SOLD***

Loveless Book $90.00

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Other Makers We Like To Help
. We do not profit from this. We just like their work and they are good people.

  Other Makers Loveless Designs Ken Lowry Contact Maker

Ken Lowry
email: knlowryknives@comcast.net

I started making knives around eight years ago. My dad taught me how to use tools and work with my hands at a young age. He always carried a knife and had plenty of them around, in the shop, the house, in the boat, whatever we were working on we had a knife handy. Dad taught me the importance of a good knife. Since the first time I saw a Loveless knife I was hooked. The function and feel of the Loveless design is everything I try to accomplish when making my knives. Making the Loveless style is what I concentrate on the most, but I am going to offer some integrals in the future. Prices will depend on steel selection, handle material, size and model of the knife. All knives come with a leather sheath. 440C, CPM 154 and 154CM are the steels I use. The handle materials I use are micarta, stag, horn, and hard woods. Thank you, Ken Lowry

Click here to see larger images
  Other Makers Loveless Designs Willem Steenkamp Contact Maker


Biography – W.F. Steenkamp:

From a very young age I enjoyed working with my hands. Working with wood and steel, which I learned from his father, I always kept myself busy in the workshop After building a knife making machine for a friend, I tried my hands at making a knife for myself. The bug bit me and I was hooked. I sold my first knife in 2006 and was accepted as a guild member in 2008. I spend all my free time in my work shop making Loveless designed fixed blade
knives, locking liners, folders and doing my own leather work with top grade leather. I use only the best materials available – mainly N690, M390 Bohler powder steel, CPM 154 cm, Damascus and Dama steel for the Blades. Handle materials I use are woods, Giraffe bone, horn and synthetic materials like Micarta and G10. "My goal in knife-making is to improve my skills on every knife I make, and to make the best working or collectors knife possible. I also endeavor to learn as much as I can from other knife–makers that have the same interests as I have." Prices of my knives are determined by; (1) the type of knife, (2) the type of steel used and (3) the handle material used.

The prices are as follow :
• Drop point hunters and utility knives from $380
• Boot and Chute knives from $580
• Wilderness knives from $680
• Baby Bear knives from $1200
• Stiff horn and Lamb utility knives from $350
All knives include a leather sheath ( Hand or Tippman stitched )
Thank you
Willem Steenkamp
E-mail for inquiry Springsteen@vodamail.co.za

  Other Makers Loveless Designs Neill Schutte Contact Maker
  If you want a using knife, just like the $9,000 Plus versions that Loveless Made, and don't want to spend more than a few HUNDRED DOLLARS. Take a Look at these By Neill Schutte. The Boot and Chute knives are in the $650 range. The drop are in the $350- $400, depending on Material. The Larger Double Grinds run $750- $850, and Utility $400-$450.

You can't beat the price, makes a great using knife, a great knife you can afford to give someone, or just start collecting these before they get red hot and he has a 8 year waiting list.

For more information contact Neill at: nrschutte@gmail.com

Here is a brief biography written by Neill:
My interest in knives and other handmade tools started at a very young age. I made various crude knives, axes and spears from any available material in my close surroundings. In 2004 I attended The Knifemakers' Guild of Southern Africa's annual show where I realized the magnitude of knifemaking locally and internationally and was inspired to become a recognized knifemaker. My main objective is to make high quality working and collectors' knives with fit&finish and the 'Loveless Feel' being most important. I only work with high grade stainless steel and use natural, as well as synthetic handle materials. I manufacture knives of my own design but mainly focus on Loveless style knives because of the unequaled design, functionality and beauty of the Loveless knife. Sheath making and other related leather work is as important to me as the making of the knife itself, therefore many hours are spent on perfecting both the knife and sheath.
Boot Knife

Chute Knife

Dagger Knife

Drop Hunter
  Other Makers Loveless Designs Kunihiko Tamatsu Contact Maker

This is my pick of the BLADE SHOW 2012 as the BEST LOVELESS DESIGN KNIFE.

Mr. Tamatsu has what Loveless wanted in a knife, that is "It looks so good you want to pick it up, and feels so good you don't want to put it down. I have been collecting loveless knives for over 27 years, and these knives certainly impressed me. They are super fit and finish. Superb Feel, and balance. If you want a Loveless design, and don't want to spend $10,000 these are the knives. He even makes mini copies of Loveless, as well as full size, you will not be disappointed.

Visit his website at: http://www.tamatsu-knife.com/


Double Hiruto Fighter SOLD

Double Hiruto Fighter

Improved Fighter

Improved Handle Utility
Improved Handle
Gut Hook Skinner

Battle Knife

Drop Hunter
Flat Grind Hairline

Mini Pro Hunter
Mini Improved Handle
Gut Hook Skinner

Integral Caper
  Other Makers Loveless Designs Johann Van Deventer Contact Maker

Johann van Deventer

I was born, raised and is currently living in the heart of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa. I took up knife making in 2005 and became a member of the Knifemaker's Guild of Southern Africa in 2007. I have attended the last 5 BLADE shows in Atlanta. I work in a one man shop and build most of my machines myself. I specialize in Loveless fixed blades, utility knives and folders for the collector as well as the user. I am inspired by nature and make use of various kinds of wood, bones, Canvas Micarta,G10, horns and mammoth teeth. The blades are made from damma steel, Damascus, ATS34,CPM 154, RWL34,S30VN, S35VN, M390 or N 690. Titanium or fossil ivory handles finishes of the knife. My aim is to produce unique knifes and I continually strive to make knifes of the highest degree of craftsmanship as possible.

Lamb utility knives from $300 USD
Stiff horn and Lamb utility knives from $300 USD
Drop point hunters from $390 USD
Utility knives from $420 USD
Boot knives from $550 USD
Chute knives from $560 USD
Wilderness knives from $650 USD
Baby Bear knives from $1000 USD

I do include a leather and felt sheath with all my knives and normally I like to include the shipping in the price. I can supply or manufacture an order within three weeks. All depend on the availability of specific materials requested.

4 inch Dropped Hunter
Giraffe Bone

Junior Bear Sub Hilt

Junior Bear Sub Hilt Desert Iron Wood

Loveless 4inch Dropped Hunter Green Micarta
  Other Makers Loveless Designs Dennis Bradley Contact Maker

Dennis Bradley

Phone: 706-745-4364
Email: dbbrad@windstream.net
Website: DennisBradley.com

I have been making knives since the early 70's. My metalworking background has helped me tremendously in making knives.

I was a tool and die maker / mold maker before entering the teaching profession. I taught metalworking at the high school level for 30 years. I have been a member of The Knifemaker's Guild since 1988 and am also a member of the Georgia Custom Knifemaker's Guild.

I am primarily a stock removal maker but like to forge some, also. My primary steel is 440C stainless but I also offer ATS 34 stainless, D2, and damascus (from a number of sources).

I use a variety of methods to make knives that include flat grinding, hollow grinding, mirror polish, hand-rubbed satin finish, and a combination of these. I make full tapered tang, narrow tangs, and integral construction knives. I do my own heat treating as well as all my sheath work. I also do file work and scrimshaw. I usually have knives available for immediate delivery and can usually deliver custom orders in 6-8 months








File Work




Nantahala Series