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It's important (to us) that you know what to look for in a genuine Vintage Bob Loveless Knife. (Even if you don't get it from us). All collectors of anything priceless must understand that being educated on what you collect helps keep you from losing money. We feel we must inform Bob Loveless fans on both histories and keep up with current rumors (to squash) for anyone interested in Bob Loveless's knives.

Whether you buy, sell, or trade from us or someone else. We want you to make the right decision. Please use this website as an educational tool. (we sell knives too) We care about the integrity and upholding the legend of Bob Loveless, Steve Johnson, and Jim Merritt. Keep cool in this summer heat, stay safe; keep checking back; most importantly, thanks for your patience.

We only deal in Vintage Bob Loveless Knives. My collection fluctuates sometimes hourly! So, if there is something you don't see, it doesn't mean we don't have it. If there is a knife you want, or you have something to sell or trade, give me a call.

Thank you!

John Denton
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Want Something Special?

Looking for a Vintage Bob Loveless knife and you don't see it here? Give John a call or email. All inventory isn't on the site. Trading a knife at 3:00 am, then selling it at 10:00 am happens more than you know. John Keeps up with what is being sold worldwide. If we don't have it, we may be able to find it for you.  

Trusted & Loyal Service

John has been dealing exclusively in Vintage Bob Loveless knives for over 35 years with pride that he has provided only trusted and loyal service. He knows these knives like the back of his hand. He knew Bob too. John is overflowing with stories, facts, history and has handled over 3,000 knives throughout his career.

World Wide

John and his collection is known world wide. His collection and personally written articles have been published throughout the decades from the East Coast of the United States to Japan. People come up to him at knife shows who speak little English and want their picture made with him and his collection.

See an Interview with JW Denton

In this 1 hour film, JW talks about the history of Bob's knives. Our talented and good friend David Sellers of Appalachian Video Productions and Appalachian Gallery has filmed and produced this one hour interview.
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See John's Loveless Presentation

In this 30 minute film, John brings out a selection of Bob's knives and shares details at a gathering of the Georgia Knife Makers Guild in the North Georgia Mountains. You'll also see Q&A with the knife makers. Video by David Sellers.
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The Educated Buyer Stay on Top 

IIt is so important to be educated about what you are collecting. John is happy to tell you anything you need to know about his collection. We have put together some of it here for you. It will be updated periodically. keep checking back. Buy the book here »

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When you buy or trade a knife from John, he will pay for overnight express insured signature required shipping to anywhere in the world.

You can rest assured that your knife will get to you safe and sound.

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