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1 Hour film of
JW Denton's
interview about
Bob Loveless knives history.

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Produced by David Sellers of North Georgia Live and
owner of Appalachian Gallery and Video Productions.
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30 minute short film of
John Denton's
presentation of
Bob Loveless knives history.

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Produced by David Sellers of North Georgia Live and
owner of Appalachian Gallery and Video Productions.
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Pictured above: R.Dub (Bob Loveless), John Denton and Jim Merritt




Not Your Average Bear.



The Rare Big Bear you see above is the classic style we know so well, moreover, what you need to know is that this is not your average Bear.

Other than being one of 3, the handle is lavishly lined with layers of Bob’s signature red, distinctive black and cream colors. (These colors vary in widths amongst the 3 in existence from the Lawndale period.) To have such a massive blade and earthly handle material, it’s mysteriously light, well balanced and melts in the hand. Speaking of the handle, as any Loveless enthusiast will know, Bob rarely matched his stag. Uncommonly, this richly aged creamy stag is perfectly matched, and has the crown at the butt of the handle. The solder is pure perfection, the fit is smooth and the pins hidden. This knife measures out at 13 1/2” overall.
The Lawndale Crown Stag Big Bear is one of my all time favorite knives. Loveless informed me he only made 3 of these. Fortunately enough for me, I have owned 2 of the 3 and the third is with a very good friend that will not sell his at any price. Smart Man.
For the most intoxicating knife to ever come out of the shop, this would have to take the prize because everything about it is perfect. Surprisingly enough Bob had said, “I will never make the  perfect knife, because you will always catch your thumb nail somewhere on my knives. If you want a perfect knife, go buy one made in a factory.”

If it were not dated 70 on the blade, I would think Steve Johnson made it. No questions asked, he did not, because, Steve did not get to Lawndale until a year later, in 1971. It just shows you that Loveless could be as good as he needed, whenever he needed it.

What happened was that Loveless did not start making the “Classic” big bear until the late 1960’s. Around 1967 he began to develop the design for the Big Bear, and later in the Loveless Catalog he offered them in different sizes.

This is the last major Crown Stag made by Loveless to come out of the shop in Lawndale, California 47 years ago. Back then, he was in the shop by himself trying to feed the family. Unbelievably, he was 41 years old when he made this astonishing rare Big Bear. Bob shared with me that it was 1969 when he decided to go full time with the knife making. Speaking fondly in reminiscence with a cigarette dangling from his lips, he said, “I may starve, but I am gonna give it a go.” Little did he know then how he would light up the knife world, and help make it possible for other people to make a decent living making knives.

Although he made Sub Hilts from Delaware, back in the ’50’s, they had the “Bowie” Blade. These were not considered Big Bears.


Don’t forget the Blade Show June 2-4, 2017 in Atlanta!

You can find us at table #3G, near the front. Look for two tables with red table cloths.

(It should be hot and humid to make us forget the cold snap of March and the late snows.)

  I pride myself on honesty. First and foremost, I want my collectors to be educated about Bob Loveless knives. Julie is constantly scanning in more articles that I have written in knife magazines to post on this site, as well as more historic documents and other magazines featuring interviews from J.W. and myself. J.W. and I were there in the beginning along with Al Williams who wrote the book “Living on the Edge”. I have boxes and boxes of documents and letters to be shared with you.

After three decades, you could say I know quite a bit about the man and his knives, I am eager to share and I plan on staying in this for the next few decades. I never charge for overnight U.S. shipping and you can be sure that you will get only true Vintage Bob Loveless knives from me. I will answer your calls 24-7. (Best I can- ya know, guy’s gotta shower and stuff) I’m always looking to buy and trade too! I appreciate your time and business.

John Denton




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