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The Last One In the Book.


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John Denton


Page from a Japanise Magazine! World famous!

Finally got this back in our collection!
Sheep horn Big Bear.

Our Table at the Blade Show 2014

Pictured above: R.Dub (Bob Loveless), John Denton and Jim Merritt


This the only drop hunter from the Al Williams Book "living on the Edge" that is left for sale. It is on page 76, Ligum Vitae handle .OA 8 1/4" and 4" blade.

Notice the fuller size belly he was doing back in the mid 1970's, in the late 80's on they were not this pronounced, that is the best way to tell an older knife by Loveless. This was about 1977. It has a very early signature logo. Mint condition.

Price is $5,500.00 **** SOLD**** US Dollars. (Cheap for the last Drop in the Book.)





1 Hour film of
JW Denton's

interview about
Bob Loveless knives history.

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Produced by David Sellers of North Georgia Live and
owner of Appalachian Gallery and Video Productions.
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30 minute short film of
John Denton's

presentation of
Bob Loveless knives history.

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Produced by David Sellers of North Georgia Live and
owner of Appalachian Gallery and Video Productions.
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Classic Rare Big Bear.

It was the day that lighting struck, a masterpiece was born, never to be reproduced again. The 1960's Crown Stag Big Bear made in Lawndale with a 7 3/4" blade. After more than 7 years I have finally captured the greatest Loveless Big Bear of all time. There were only 3 made according to Loveless when I spoke to him years ago and said it was the best work he had ever done. Loveless said this is 7 3/4" blade, the one you see here, was his favorite of the 3 because this was the first Sub Hilt he made in Lawndale that was under the normal 8"- 8 1/2" blade. (I have seen all 3 and they are all different sizes. The other two are 8 1/2" and 8"+.) He said it was quicker in the hand and better balanced. Loveless said a bit of luck went into the knife because the large crown on the butt of the knife closed in around your hand giving it almost perfect balance and the color and grain was perfect.

Years ago when I held all three, I knew this one felt the best. It was out of my price range and I never thought I would have it in the collection. My friend had them all and kept this one for the last to sell because he knew he was keeping the best of the best. This knife is the grandfather of all the Sub Hilts out there because nothing else came close to the crown stag he used on the knife and it had a shorter blade. Loveless favored the smaller knives. Some of his slickest designs are the original Bird & Trout and the 2 1/2" Drop Hunter.

When I pick up the knife, it feels like it was made of air, it is so light and easy to move just like a part of the hand. You really do not want to put this one down. The beauty of the handle makes it very hard to sleep at night, but heaven forbid you make the mistake and pick it up. Then your whole ideal of what a knife should feel like goes to another planet. You can quickly see that Bob was about 40 years ahead of his time. This is not a boat anchor, but something artistic, yet practical if needed.

This is one of a kind because of the size of the crown stag and the size of the blade mixed with the balance, like the rare Ferrari cars of the 60's. There are better cars made today, but nothing compares to the classics and we are always trying to bring the old into the new. A new La Ferrari at 1.8 million dollars still does not compare to the 1962 Ferrari GTO at $53 million and it never will. This is a classic work of art, or, as the Oxford Dictionary defined classic: "Judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind".

Again, thank you for your time and viewing.

Not for sale.


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